What Do We Do

We put in the effort to study the market needs competitors and brainstorm strategies that keeps you different.

We will be transforming your doodle on paper into dynamic and innovative tech solutions that you could take pride in.

We introduce your idea to the public and establishing your social media presence.


We carefully select promising businesses which have the potential to fill an existing gap in the Egyptian Market and fulfill the market needs by creating and building tech solutions that could present your idea to the public that meet the ESG factors.

This approach will de-risk the startup investment, and introduce the Venture Studio model to the Egyptian market, then expand regionally.


To fill in the gap, by becoming a quality deal sourcing factory for VCs and angel investors.

We aim to be A-One-Stop-Shop for entrepreneurs by incubating, accelerating, developing and seeding the start ups.

Our Journey

Jul 2021

Venture Studio Idea

Dec 2021

Investor Pitching

Mar 2022

1st Agreement with a VC

May 2022

Incorporation completion in Singapore & Egypt

1st public appearance for Illuminate Capital

Jun 2022

Technology Development

 Aug 2022

VCs Partnerships

Sep 2022

1st Startup

2nd Startup


Raise Illuminate Fund

Our Reach





We illuminate ideas,
We illuminate paths,
We illuminate your success story

Let’s make something great together

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